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Why Mobtenders?

Mobtenders is one of the Latest service provided by, Founded in September 2011 and based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  MobTenders is a trusted tender notification service throughout Ethiopia.

Each day, new opportunities are listed from all levels of government and private sector companies throughout Ethiopia. 

Using minimal 2G Internet connections , tenders and business leads are collected and classified by industry type, keywords and regions to match exactly the kind of tenders relevant to your business.

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Major Features

You can’t tender on a project if you do not know about it. How many times have you missed out on an opportunity to have realized that you were not informed of the project? That’s why smart companies register with MobTenders. They can be rest assured knowing that they won’t miss any relevant tender and business opportunities.
Unlimited Tenders Access100%
Unlimited Notifications 100%
Supper-Fast and Easy 100%
Offline Data Reading100%
Extremely Fair Pricing 100%

Why Chose Us?

Creative People

Our talented and professionals team make a huge effort to understand your needs and troubles to assure your satsfactions. 

Meet Our Team

Meet the Real People.
Mr. Abrham Assefa
Mr. Abrham AssefaFounder & CEO
Assefa Degefi
Assefa DegefiTechnical Team
Bethel Shimels
Bethel ShimelsDeveloper & Technical Support
Selamawit Sisay
Selamawit Sisay Developer Team
Maked Guta
Maked Guta Marketing Development Team
Other Team
Other TeamDeveloper Team
Titaseb Hailu
Titaseb HailuTechnical Team
Other Team
Other TeamTechnical Support

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